Exklusiv: Das Pre-ICO von Modum!–Ein Gastbeitrag von Markus Bohl

Anmerkung: Auf Bitte von Modum hin wurde der Artikel aus rechtlichen Gründen ins Englische übersetzt. Diese Übersetzung stammt von Modum.

Today I’d like to announce a special premiere here at the Altcoinspekulant. Something, which hasn’t been done yet on this Blog: The exclusive announcement of a Pre-ICO with a decent discount on the issue price and a small issuance size. Exactly those type of factors which make Pre-ICOs with regards to a subsequent ICO so intriguing! It’s this oportunity which made me contribute this last Blog post. It’s about the Pre-ICO of modum.io, a Swiss Start-Up with its registered seat in Zurich. modum.io which was founded only in 2016 and has progressed fast ever since, was awarded the first prize at the Swiss „Kickstart Accelerator“ in the category „Future & Emerging Technologies“ and has also successfully finalized several paid pilot projects with relevant players in the Swiss market.

The company has developed solutions in collaboration with the University of Zurich’s Institute for Information Sciences which allow for the monitoring of temperatures when transporting drugs. Specifically, a sensor will be included in the drug delivery package which will record the temperature for the duration of the transport. When reaching the recipient, the recorded data will be read and directly transmitted onto the Ethereum blockchain where it’ll be stored. That way the data is tamper-proof and subsequently immutable. The deployment of this technology will allow for cost reduction of up to 50% as regular cooling transport vehicles also cool the drugs for which there’s no cooling requirement creating redundant efforts. This relates to regulatory requirements which demand that temperature data is also recorded for drugs which are temperature-insensitive. These kinds of drugs will be sent via mail, the package including a sensor, allowing for drastic reduction in transport cost. The hardware is almost market-ready. For the future, further sensors are to be developped and other appliance areas than supply chain management for pharmaceutical industry are to be covered, such as surveillance of food deliveries. Another application are light-sensitive sensors which allow for the assertion whether or not a delivery has been opened during transport. There are manyfold ideas for further development in various application areas.


modum idee

Let’s get to the ICO-details: First there will be a Pre-ICO during which a maximum of 2.1 million of the total of 30 million Tokens will be sold. The discount will be 50% on the issuance prize of 1 USD per Token. Therefore, a full 1.05 million USD can be invested during the Pre-ICO. The Tokens allow the investor to participate in modum.io’s success in that they confer a right to receive a payment which equals the proportionate amount of dividends concluded to be paid out on all modum.io shares during the annual general assembly. The Pre-ICO mainly serves the purpose of covering the costs of the ICO which is why it’s rather of limited dimension. If the Pre-ICO will be oversubscribed, the investors fall into bonus tiers with slightly lower discounts which will be displayed. The official ICO will take place in September. There, 18 million Tokens are offered for sale. The tokens which won’t be sold will be destroyed. 9.9 million of the total suply of 30 million Tokens are left to be described. These 9.9 million aren’t just transferred to modum.io’s owners. They will have to earn these tokens via the attainment of a set of pre-defined milestones. The exciting part here is that tokenholders themselves will get to vote on whether these milestones have been met. Only if the majority will vote yes, the locked Tokens will be unlocked and transferred in several steps to modum.io’s owners. This is an excellent idea to keep the community active and an evidence of modum.io’s conviction and commitment to growth and progress. If they don’t deliver and fail to convince the community, modum.io’s owners’ share of Tokens will be much smaller or potentially zero. A mechanism Id’ like to see for every ICO.

modum.io is blockchain-agnostic. One of the milestones includes the integration of another blockchain, such as IOTA or Tezos, into the modum.io sensor system.

Conclusion: modum.io offers a very good and wholesome package. They achieved a lot over a short period of time. They utilize the blockchain in a meaningful way and are not just another ERC 20-Apptoken. The company has moved at an impressive pace since its incorporation in 2016 and there are many indicia which point to the fact that the next years could potentially be successful for modum.io.

The demand for the Pre-ICO will surpass the offer by far. The Altcoinspekulant-Team must therefore take drastic measures: Interested people can register after August 8th under https//modum.io/tokensale where they will get additional information including the Whitepaper. However, only carefully selected members of the community will get the chance to invest. There’s only a limited supply of Tokens in the Pre-ICO which need to be distributed diligently with regards to the future community-building efforts. modum.io thanks for your understanding for taking such measures. Only that way, „ICO-flippers“ can be prevented from getting a large part of the tokens for solely speculative reasons with no interests in a sutainable future for the project and the company. Coming September, the ICO will be open to all investors, subject to some sales restrictions within certain jurisdictions. Whoever can’t participate in the Pre-ICO will thus have the chance to participate in a couple of weeks.

-Markus Bohl

Disclaimer: Note concerning a potential conflict of interests – The author himself will invest in the modum.io Pre-ICO. The author has not been compensated or remunerated by modum.io in any way for publishing this Blog post and has done so on his own initiative. 


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